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Redhill Primary


Guide to Logging On

Guide to Logging into
Redhill Primary School Website
1.  Open up your browser

Our preferred browser is Internet Explorer 8 or above, although you will be able to view the site in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari

2. Type in the browser

Be sure to enter https not http, as this is a secure site.

3. School website


 You will see the school website load up.  From here you can see everything that the public can see. 


4. Sign into the school website by clicking on the “Sign In” link



A login box will appear something like this:


Type in the fields below:
· Username: EDIT\{your username}


· Password: {password}
So for a username of john.smith, it will look like this:
Please note: make sure that you use a \ after the EDIT
You should now see the pupils button