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​​Relationships (RSE)

 RSE- Sex and Relationship Education sessions contribute to promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils and is concerned with helping children make responsible decisions about the relationships they form with others and helping them understand the changes and challenges which sexual maturity brings.

The Living and Growing Programme is delivered to Key Stage One and Key Stage Two in the Summer Term – see leaflets attached.


Aims of Sex and Relationships Education


– To provide accurate information and challenge misconceptions.


– To clarify values and attitudes (including LGBT and homophobic bullying).


– To understand the cycle of life process.


– To promote informed decision making and responsible behaviour.


– To foster understanding and positive acceptance of their own physical and emotional development.


– To foster and develop respect for self and others (including LGBT and homophobic bullying).

KS1 Living and Growing booklet MW 06.16.pdfKS1 Living and Growing booklet MW 06.16.pdf

 ​KS2 Living and Growing booklet MW 06.16.pdfKS2 Living and Growing booklet MW 06.16.pdf