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Art At Redhill !
At Redhill the Arts are embedded within the curriculum allowing children to challenge themselves through a creative cross curriculaur approach and we are proud to achieve the ArtsMark Gold Award !  
‘Creativity is the ability to see things in a new way, to see problems that no one else may even realize exist, and then come up with new, unique, and effective solutions to these problems. Standard intelligence tests measure convergent thinking - the ability to come up with a single correct answer. But creativity involves divergent thinking - the ability to come up with new and unusual answers (Papalia and Olds, 1993).
A visit from Katy Alston
We had a visit from the author and illustrator Katy Alston who worked with each class to create a Pop Up Carousel Book.
Picture1.png Picture2.pngPicture3.png

Mini Masters Art Exhibition
This term as a school we have been working towards creating our own arts exhibition where each child creating a piece of work to be displayed.

It was a wonderful oppurtunity for all children to share and take pride in their work.
The Exhibition.
Parents were able to come along to celebrate the wonderful artwork and purchase them to take home.